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                                                                    Unsubsidized Corn Ethanol Electric Hybrid Vehicle Benefits Far Exceed Highly Subsidized Electric Vehicle's

 "Do not worry about ethanol in your gasoline-worry about the gasoline in your ethanol

Facts/truth check:"the biggest lies deny facts/truth"

    Because today miracle  corn's ever growing massive carbon sink enables corn ethanol's superior ever growing more efficient electric hybrid vehicles to create massive new corn ethanol demand to profitably, sustainably replace all gasoline to reverse climate change. skeptical?? Google key words-  -on ethanol 'ya gotta believe-


   And miracle high yield corn's production has nearly net 0 carbon emissions when produced with today's modern farming's precision nitrogen applications, minimum tillage, cover crops etc.  And only precisely fertilized high yield corn's  "extremely valuable" massive deep soil carbon sequestration as long term organic matter for the first time makes ag production sustainable, less fertilizer dependent etc: Net low carbon fuel corn ethanol powered electric hybrids benefits far exceed electric vehicles' because electricity like gasoline never safely removes any carbon from the air or produces protein distillers grains for human consumption to end protein energy malnutrition (PEM) most often referred to as starvation. Virtuous? Right thing to do? yes  Reference- dr padu krishnan ddg proteins -  And if plugged in too their massive battery capacity would also serve rather than burden electric grids during peaks.  Reference-rfa honors ron alverson-


   Fact: Criminally oil interests', EPA's, too many corn, ethanol organizations',states', local goverments', political leaders' parrot this same Big Lie :  "proven safer, lower cost, more power, high octane  low carbon fuels E30 and greater (E30+) blends are illegal for and damage standard auto engines".  Fortunately Reference-Watertown looms large doing ethanol blends research- to unshackle clean high octane low carbon fuels E30+ blends from oil interest's and too many ethanol supporters'cult like religion or no basis in fact Big Lie: "They are illegal for and damage standard auto engines". Show us an ethanol damaged engine part or fine paid. Reference Watertown Lake Area Tech'  - nonflex Tahoe runs 100000 E85 engine tear downand -south dakota forbidden history-  for similarly more of its engine tear downs.  Watertown has unique standing to lobby that it is good US/SD business taxing clean high octane low carbon fuels E30+ blends a revenue neutral ever decreasing rate vs poisonous low octane, high carbon fuel blends below E30.  Means working with angels to doom gasoline, reboot economy.


    A Biden administration's safer, more stringent national low carbon fuel standard regulations can cause high carbon, poisonous gasoline to be to cheap to meter? Reference-us gasoline demand 2030- And fortunately president Biden's signature also can immediately enforce the clean air act to direct gasoline octane's dirty known human carcinogenic benzene/related aromatic approximately 30% of gasoline content be removed.  Content like lead octane did preys especially on our smallest children costing $trillions. reference - it never should have happened orrie Plus reinstate our already proven one cent/gallon pipeline tank inspection fee ($6-7M/yr).  It incented building our small state's "miracle" billion gallon ethanol industry that moved our economy from a "buffalo commons" to #1 rated state for business investment.  If reinstated to fund advertising informing Americans for 30 years many thousands of especially SD, MN precedent setting, wise standard auto owners 'renegades' exercised our constitutional right to choose safer high octane, legal, low carbon self then  described and proven "more power, cheaper, same mileage” half E85 or today's E30+ blends.    

Reference-renegades recipe for cheaper gas- and-epa agents failed raid on watertown blender pumps- .  


Then SD will  lead all auto owners to save money, gain power transitioning to low carbon fuels E30+ blends. creating almost unlimited corn ethanol demand that corn ethanol electric hybrids enable profitably replacing all gasoline thus reversing climate change and its ever more frequent, powerful hurricanes, wild fires. Fantasy? or another SD "miracle"? Google words  -orrie swayze main author sd pipeline tax-     And Toyota, maybe GM, Nissan? have not drank the EV kool aid thus are on the side of the angels common sense solutions.