Dans Visit To White House Gains E85 Approval

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All Americans have a self-evident unalienable right to fuel with high blends of ethanol to protect themselves and family members from gasoline octaneís benzene and associated polycyclic aromatic PAH emissions identical to those found in cigarette smoke. There is no recommended safe level of exposure benzene or cigarette smoke and ethanolís two carbon molecule simply does not contain or produce them plus its added oxygen assures more complete combustion of all carbon based molecules.


. As you will see in the read more Dan and Democratic State Representative Mike O'Connor visited the White House to break the big oil created cultural taboo against putting E85 in any vehicle. Auto's engineers were also programed to believe E85 in any vehicle was fantasy thus they had to drive the corn grower's E85 car to believe.

Then about five years later auto manufacturers produced their first FFV that was a simple matter of computer programing change for cold starting blends above e50 as SD corn had proved. The biggest issue was expanding e E85 specs to include up to 50% gasoline, according to season, as being E85 as it is today. Al Kasperson , Lake Area Tech's auto technician department head, was corn's technical advisor and figured that out immediately. Al always comments: "German engineers can design but it takes a Norwegian to make it run" Every vehicle in America today is a flex fuel vehicle at least up to E30. be sure to read more for Dan's first person narrative about how he worked an invitation to the White House with almost desperate last chance phone call to president Bush's legal council before leaving DC.

Dan was SD Corn Growers and Utilization Council CEO all the time as I went through the vice-president to president chairs of both organizations. We worked together through that time and my main job was to call Dan and ask what is happening as his mind and creative skills were always running at top speed. He often thanks the board and myself for the opportunity run with almost unbridled enthusiasm and passion to do what he loved doing: Slay oil interests intimidating dragons of misinformation that did and still drive our energy future.

One of the first visitors to the new corn office to meet Dan was Jeff Broin. Jeff's first response from state officials started with a predictable "There is no money for a ethanol producer incentive". Luckily Roland Pester had made the motion to create the SD corn growers: Dan and corn growers were off to slay another dragon or the governor's policy to ignore the producer payment law or incentive... We won and Jeff Broin's very successful and earned start in SD is well known history.

Dan and I had always wanted to put a book together recording the period we were at Corn Growers. About seven years ago I asked Dan to send me some of his recollections for putting some kind of formal document together. Really to use his notes to just do something more formal as Dan intended would destroy their real value in history. The real history is as Dan revealed in these hurried notes he sent to me. A history that could not be revealed in any other manner.

Truly truth is stranger than fiction and far, far more humorous.

Distiller's protein production is corn's best use: Protein deficiency is the primary cause of what is called 'starvation'

Unsubsidized Corn Ethanol Electric Hybrid Vehicle Benefits Superior To Electric Vehicles'

'on ethanol ya gotta believe'

"Do not worry about ethanol in your gasoline-worry about the gasoline in your ethanol" Fact check: saferair.net-"the biggest lies deny facts"

please click read more for the facts

1. California E85 is designated low carbon fuel

2. nationally E30 to E100 diesel buses Sweden etc are low carbon fuels

3. state gas taxes at pump favoring low carbon fuels above E30 vs high carbon fuels below E30 can doom gasoline, reboot our economy

4. click on 'ya gotta believe' sd corn checkoff board benched checkoff $

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SD Adopts Hallberg's Big Ethanol Vision

March 2014 headline: ''Agribusiness Study Ranks SD No 1". Our creative business policies began in 1984 when Dave Hallberg(pictured) , the founding president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Assn, brought his big vision of a massive expanding ethanol industry back to his home state South Dakota. Dave's big vision was that even small rural states could be big players in the ethanol industry if they restricted their ethanol tax incentives to instate producers: He consented to testify before a transportation committee hearing to kill all SD gas tax incentives for ethanol use. The committee unanimously defeated the bill to follow Dave's recommendations that began a process to restrict SD ethanol incentives to instate produced gallons only. A process that made small state SD a formidable billion gallon ethanol producer within 10 years.

Most importantly SD citizens and legislators bought into Dave's big winning vision that state incentives restricted to instate ethanol production would act as a catalyst to build a big economic impact ethanol industry in SD: Dave and Nebraska's Todd Sneller than often provided expert testimony on the ethanol industry for the summer study committee on the issue: That study resulted in different proposals that lead to a unique first and only law that taxed SD imported petroleum products at the pipeline to create cash incentive to build SD ethanol plants. Over the next several years over $100 million was made available at $1million annually per new ethanol plant built in SD plant: Small state SD then built a billion gallon ethanol industry.

A September,1985 AP news story described a "Sharp Turn" in rural policy: The SD Agriculture summer study committee called for legislation to tax or the preferred language at first by legislators 'tank inspection fee' on imported petroleum to build a SD ethanol industry. SD Farmers Union was the lead organization lobbying for the bill: a SD Corn Growers did not exist at the time.

The AP news story related Rep Scott Heidepriem chaired the committee and Governor Bill Janklow and staff helped fine tune the legislative proposal. Farmers Union members Rep (R) Bob Weber and (D) Doris Minor and also rural democrats were described as 'pushing hardest' for the legislation. Orrie Swayze was described as the plan's main author.

Evidence!! Google key words -epa agents failed raid on watertown blender pumps-

>br> Click on read more for 1985 AP news story

Max Shauck and Grazia Zanin Pioneering 1990 Flight Across Across Atlantic on 100% Ethanol

When I first met Max I was impressed even though he was a navy pilot. When the no alcohol in our gas signs were in their glory, every auto mechanic alive was professing that ethanol will cause your engine to blow up etc Max filled his airplane up with 100% ethanol and flew aerobatic shows across the nation. Then he and Grazia fulfilled their challenging dream: Fly the Charles Lindbergh route across the Atlantic on 100% ethanol. I mentioned challenging because as final preparations were being made Max and Grazia were abandoned by then fearful promised financial support:" What if they do not make it?" All the logistics became more of a burden and more of a financial stress for them personally. In spite of all, like true pioneers, they did not abandon their mission. History affirms truly a "mission accomplished".

Little wonder Dan tagged him with the title -Mad Max-. Max had worked very hard to build his reputation from "navy fighter jock" to a mathematics professor and head of aviation sciences at Baylor. Max earned and needed that persona as he was constantly trying to gain financial support for his visionary pioneering projects. Little wonder Max growled every time he heard Dan and others around SD corn growers also referring to him as -Mad Max-. We had adopted Max and supported using our funds and tried raising outside funds. His support from SD Corn Growers phased out along with the old board. Gone with the wind so to speak.

I know the story following implies Max modified the engine but he did not. Most general aircraft engines used especially at that time and are widely used today were old technology but the basics work as he modified newer fuel system components also. Ethanol does corrode pure aluminum now replaced by aluminum alloys. His modifications were largely around neutralizing any fuel contact with pure Aluminum components ie replace pure aluminum based fuel lines, chemically treat pure aluminum fuel tanks, and other pure aluminum components. Ethanol is not corrosive on aluminum alloys. Max made a rather big bet he knew what he was doing as he flew aerobatic airshows and across the Atlantic.

I could go on and did not dare call Dan for more input because this site is not big enough to handle the Input he would have to this summary: Max and Grazia are truly pioneering American Heroes.

vidence Google key words -epa agents failed raid on watertown blender pumps-

Da Corn's best use is distiller's protein production: protein deficiency is the primary cause of what is called starvation

my opinion page website honoring sd/mn heros

This is an opinion page web site by Orrie Swayze: The Articles below challenge the dead wrong " hair on fire" hysteria that is created when standard auto owners fuel with E30+ to reduce gasoline's known human carcinogenic/mutagenic emissions up to 80%.

For over 10 years EPA has known thousands of standard auto owners fueling at blender pump locations across the nation look at price rather then the owners manual to select E30's 93 octane premium performance. They weekly travel millions of trouble free miles and typical comments about E30+'s higher octane, air cooling turbo charging effect are: "more power" and "can't tell the difference in mileage". Blender pump station owners have yet to receive a complaint and there hasn't been a single legitimate warranty denial for using E30+ in standard autos.

It is not clean air act defined tampering to fuel a standard auto with E30+ because standard auto owners have a reasonable basis for knowing emissions and emissions equipment are not degraded. Plus standard auto owners fueling with high octane E30+ bring their autos into compliance with the clean air act's directive to reduce gasoline's benzene related aromatic octane to the maximum achievable. Evidence? Google key words- Epa agents failed raiding Watertown blender pumps!! - also click on:
  • Click Here to Watch Video
  • dismantle 2005 standard engine run 105,000 miles on E85
  • Article: "High Blend Ethanol Burns Cleaner, Reduces Engine Wear & Increases Vehicle Lifespan"
  • July 4, 2005 Related Story "State VFW Proves Half E85 is Practical Alternative to Oil"

    1.FFV and Standard Auto engines are the same

    Al Kasperson: The People's Myth Busting Professional Auto Tech Dept Head at Watertown, SD's Lake Area Technical Institute-now retired.

    Opinion: Free and open markets can transition our gasoline pool to automakers requested higher octane E30 gasoline pool because Al Kasperson's research busts the biggest oil industry myth. A myth echoed by Epa that non-flex fuel auto engines are different from designated flex fuel engines:(a)(b)(c) A myth that costs SD standard auto owners $200 million annually because they can save typically $10/tank fill simply legally filling with ethanol's premium blend E30. Check link (a) below for parts manuals report that flex and standard auto engines are the same.


    Note: Abrupt changes in ethanol content or the oxygen content of the fuel may trigger the check engine light in both flex and non-flex fuel autos. The computer needs time to 'learn' how to adjust engine parameters for the fuel being used. (a)


    This myth effectively discriminates against standard auto owners to deny them access to much lower cost, higher octane premium E30. Since the engines are identical another Epa myth is shattered: Auto makers can not legitimately ignore the Magnuson-Moss warranty act (and they know it) to automatically void a standard auto owners warranty if he fuels with E30. They must first prove E30's additional ethanol content caused the problem. .

    Often both autos and the Oakridge National Laboratory refer to E30 as a super premium fuel: www1.eere.energy.gov/bioenergy/pdfs/b13_west_2-b.pdf Today E10 is up to fifty cents and e30 up to eighty cents less per gallon than unleaded.At a recent Energy Futures Coalition(Senator Tom Daschle co chairman) meeting auto makers consensus was that transition to a higher octane gasoline pool should be to Oakridge National Laboratory defined 'super' premium E30. It E30's lower volatility, higher octane, air cooling turbo charging effect make it a super premium today's autos also can take advantage of. .

    Auto makers need 93 octane fuels in order to market more efficient higher compression engines to remain viable in future auto markets plus meet future more stringent environmental standards. Automakers consensus was also that refiners preferred current benzene related octane enhancers would release far to many additional hazardous, polluting toxic emissions.

    This transition is possible because Al Kasperson knows parts manuals are the auto technicians' trusted look into reality along with tech manuals that guide them to get their job done. Al is the no nonsense people's expert at reading parts manuals and he found they tell the simple truth that engines are identical in both flex and standard autos. Al found parts manuals also reveal any small differences in parts and computer programs are for blends near E85 that require higher fuel flow. Click on below 'read more' for a summary of Al's detailed research and also reference Dr. Bruce Jones similar research or google -for flex fuel the future is now-

    Oil money intimidated auto makers interpret parts manuals in a manner to support their self serving profit agenda. Also political leaders, Epa regulators (evidenced by laws and misleading verbal statements), and ironically nearly all ethanol supporting organizations are too intimidated by big oil's money to say Al Kasperson is right: So why all the hair on fire hysteria about using in volatility specifications premium E30 in standard autos when out of volatility specifications, 87 octane regular E15 is considered OK?. It is easy to see why free and open auto fuels markets are crushed by uncontested Epa regulations and verbal statements: Statements creating myths that that misinform standard auto owners to keep them from freely selecting much lower cost,premium E30's more power and better fuel efficiency.

    Historical notes: In 1990 Al's common sense and his engine expertise told him if an engine is capable of operating on E10 it could successfully operate on E85. He consulted with other experts and set his first national precedent by putting the first nationally recognized operational E85 powered auto on the road: He simply fueled the SD Corn Growers standard 1988 Corsica with E85 specifically blended for him by a local service station because E85 simply was not on the market at that time.

    Designated flex fuel autos and E85 fuels were only in people's imaginations at the time. Al managed this research project that shocked the world. Al had at first installed several modifications and computer program changes an expert recommended. Al later removed them all as they malfunctioned, were not needed or original configuration and computer program were proven to work best overall..

    With Al's expertise guiding routine maintenance this nationally recognized popular standard auto's biggest problem was speeding tickets. The car's 104 mph publicized speeding ticket turned into a trophy attesting to the capability of any car to successfully operate on E85. Al's Auto Tech class dismantled the 1988 Corsica engine at 160,000 miles and found engine and fuel system parts very clean with little or no wear. Al's class found the same results with a standard 2005 Tahoe that was operated almost exclusively on E85 for 100,000 miles. For an informative video of the Tahoe engine tear down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEZuVfAAK_I&list=UUc7fuZsF5xto-TG1rBCv4Aw.

    Also refer to Dr Bruce Jones similar research- Google - for flex fuel the future is now:

    and refer to Oakridge National Laboaratory Dept of Energy research on why E30 is the super premium fuel for the future: Google: Oakridge national laboratory super premium E30


    b.Google: for flex fuel the future is now Finally click on link below for more for a detailed Mikkel Pate's Agweek interview with Al c. www.agweek.com/news/3785890-watertown-retiree-studies-biofuels

    Our Oil Addiction & its 'E30 Challenge'

    Let's join thousands of Glacial Lakes Energy's, SD Farmers Union's/other non-flex fuel auto owners taking the E30 challenge. For over ten years they patriotically abandoned regular E10/15 by making lower cost, more power, high octane, non-benzene producing premium E30+ theirs and expectantly America's preferred fuel: Ethanol's E30+ from all sources especially corn, others will also nearly eliminate benzene and related tailpipe emissions or today's neurotoxic equivalent to lead that poisons your garage, home and children.

    Aggressively shattering EPA's un-American ethanol demonizing lies/policies assures free enterprise a role determining E30+ market volumes. It potentially doubles carbon sequestering corn ethanol use also creating $billions of rural economic activity and associated jobs.

    Notably: SDSU/other research prove DDGs can be an excellent global protein food supplement and like Bill Gates asserts: "People do not starve but are 'stunted' by protein deficient diets".

    Patriotically, non-flex fuel auto owners support our troops leading to create massive market growth for premium E30+ as an oil alternative boosting our rural economies vs the Saudi economy. They will begin to strangle the global oil addiction willfully sacrificing US troops for oil wars and also creating terrorist acts killing US and citizens around the world. References .

    Click on:: E30 legal to use in & does not Damage non flex engines: glacial lakes energy news letter

    Click on 'read more': American Medical Assn's: Air pollution's(gasoline benzene tailpipe emission's)Double Toll on Babies Brains.

    Also: BMW approves E25 for new non-flex autos:

    Further Evidence? See for yourself click on:

    Gasoline's Massive Subsidy:high medical costs

    Like with lead, petroleum's web of lies continues gaining permission from the masses to poison their children. Author Dresden James explains: "When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses......the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic."

    Too many Americans passively accepted petroleum's web of lies including "lead octane is a gift from God" and "E30's octane ruins engines": Guaranteeing gasoline distributed lead poisoned our children annually increasing our medical costs plus oil industry profits many $billions. -5B annually for heart disease alone

    Petroleum web of lies again block E30's octane meaningful market participation: Guaranteeing lead's replacement: Gasoline distributed benzene octanes' known human carcinogenic emissions including benzene (identical to those in cigarette smoke) significantly increase traffic area birth defects, cancers, spontaneous abortions, heart disease etc: The annual associated $billions of medical costs still make gasoline planet earth's most subsidized commodity. (13.4B to 34.9B see www.ehjournal.net/content/12/1/19

    Do you own your thoughts or automatically think these truths are preposterous?

    1. "Standard autos are flex fuel to auto manufactures' endorsed premium E30." 2. "Miraculously, corn/acre produces 450g of ethanol plus the protein/meal/oil food equivalents (pounds) soybeans produce/acre."3. "Increasing corn(sequesters carbon) ethanol production lowers soybean prices: Plus enables E30's octane to nationally replace benzene and benzene related emissions $billions of medical costs 50-80%." 3. 4. "Like E85 marketers historically, E30 marketers can safely use standard gasoline pumps." 5. "Thousands of standard auto owners daily use blender pump's cheaper, premium E30 to travel millions of trouble free miles annually without any legitimate warrantee denials" 6. "They typically report "more power "and "can't tell any mileage difference."

    Utterly preposterous!! So shouts too many whose intellectual curiosity surrendered to petroleum's propaganda long ago: Including too many corn and ethanol advocates, nearly all Americans, EPA officials, enviromentalists, news media wise talking heads etc. Little wonder oil's basically gasoline monopoly poisons our children and destroys free enterprise's role in liquid fuels markets.

    www.ehjournal.net/content/12/1/19 Discover how corn creates organic matter below ground to sequester carbon long term and increase soil organic matter making farming sustainable--Click on Read More

    Ethanol's big Vision Business Plan

    Jason Frerichs: State senator-Wilmot,SD


    "When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses......the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic." Dresden James


    My Dad Kent, neighbor Orrie Swayze, and I have plotted ethanol strategy for 30 years: We see growing support for a big vision business plan for SD that benefits all auto owners first: Historically the big vision included free enterprise dramatically increasing demand for ethanol's 'sweet spot' or premium E30: That today would double our ethanol industry, its associated good jobs and widespread business activity.

    First we must start honestly informing (so-called) non-flex fuel auto owners they are not second class citizens and can legally fuel with 94 octane E30's unique charge air cooling's more power. E30's high oxygen content means more complete combustion nearly eliminating engine damaging carbon deposits i.e. remarkably cleaner oil and engines lowering maintenance costs.

    Why would auto owners choose regular unleaded, e10/15 if premium E30 is available?

    For over ten years we and thousands of pioneering undesignated flex fuel auto owners have annually driven millions of trouble free miles on half E85 and today blender pumps' premium E30. From the beginning typical comments have always been 'more power' and 'can't tell any mileage difference'.

    Why aren't all Midwest state owned undesignated flex fuel autos operating on E30 demonstrating premium E30's benefits? The truth is state leaders fear challenging an 'out of control'EPA sponsored fraudulent perception: "E30 is illegal for and damages (so-called) non-flex fuel engines"

    As a state senator, I am hopeful we can generate bi-partisan support for putting SD state owned undesignated flex fuel autos on E30. Then adjoining state leaders will be encouraged to follow our lead to openly support all auto owners' right to benefit by choosing ethanol's premium blend E30. Midwest states moving together putting all state owned autos on E30 will shock EPA. EPA can cry foul but the Clean Air Act's amended anti-tampering provisions will not allow any legal recourse.

    Click Read more for EPA failed raid on Watertown,SD blender pumps

    Gasoline Benzene Tailpipe Emissions Double Toll on Babies Brains: American Medical Assn report

    Click Read More For AMA Report


    Medical doctors do not hesitate to talk about pollution's benzene and related emissions destruction of babies brain matter(click read more) Ah!.... but like oil interests ethanol proponents and enviros do not even want to bring the subject up. Too shocking? This AMA shocking research measured babies' brain matter destruction caused by 'PAH' or simply put benzene and benzene associated gasoline emissions: Brain matter destruction most significant before and the first five years after birth causing learning disabilities, attention deficit, lower IQ, autism,behavioral issues etc..... Ethanol and environmental leader do not seem to care.

    According to ethanol industry and EPA policies gasoline octane's benzene/pah emissions do not matter. The primary source of benzene our children must endure is gasoline octane's benzene tailpipe emissions. Benzene is the primary building block for 'PAH' or aromatic octane, is a known human carcinogen, neurotoxin, mutagen making it the world's consensus most wide spread, toxic air pollutant. Benzene is the primary toxic combustion product, along with the particulates that deliver them to the blood stream, of gasoline's benzene related aromatic octane that 30% ethanol can replace.

    EPA and the World Health Organization agree: "there is no safe level of exposure to airborne benzene". Ethanol does not contain or produce benzene and related emissions: E30 can replace benzene producing octane called aromatics (toluene and xylene) that do.

    Historically, It is obvious government's regulators teamed with petroleum's propaganda "E30 is illegal and ruins standard auto engines" to lock ethanol out of meaningful octane market participation. This team has maliciously poisoned our children first with lead and today's comparably toxic,carcinogenic, neurotoxic benzene emissions. They also successfully strangled free enterprise's role in gasoline markets since lead was introduced.

    Click on Read More to open this AMA research published in LA Times:

    Other references: Google key words:

    Gary Whitten air quality and ethanol in gasoline

    Killing them softly clean fuels development coalition

    ucla pollution impacts on infants and children

    Hoodwinked Ethanol leaders Build Blend Wall

    I am Doug Sombke president of the SD Farmers Union. SD Farmers Union plans to create a regional revolution against petroleum/EPA's deceptive claim E30 is illegal for non-flex autos. SD Farmers Union recognizes that false claim has built the blend wall that has been artificially keeping grain prices lower and especially this year's cash flows at or near crisis level..

    This two page handout including the read more lays out ethanol supporter's legal case proving that a non-flex fuel auto owner fueling with E30 is performing a Clean Air Act defined legal tampering act.

    To date EPA claims the CAA says to approve E30 for non-flex autos we must follow the same trail used to get approval for E15: But we are not looking for EPA to approve anything: We are demanding EPA follow the law or CAA memorandum 1a written specifically to say all tampering is legal if the citizen has a reasonable basis for knowing emissions, emissions equipment/engines are not degraded: ie fueling non-flex auto with E30 is a legal tampering choice for the owner.

    EPA stated previous policy of requiring EPA approval before tampering was causing uncertainty and unnecessary restraints on commerce: Epa violates CAA memo 1a law by saying non-flex auto owners are prohibited to fuel with E30 effectively creating illegal restraints on commerce: Restraints that relatively increased gasoline prices and lowered grain prices effectively extorting billions annually from farmers, related agribusinesses and auto owners.

    For more complete context click on read more (or turn page) for E30 action team chairman's editorial already published in several papers and in the SF Argus Leader Jan 11: Also scroll to below story '2007 EPA Proved E30 legal for all autos'

    EPA's Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

    Call Out : "Epa's Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" Add Billions to Rural Wealth Doug Sombke, President of SD Farmers Union; My voice - SF Argus Leader 8-10-17

    I was amazed at the irony in a Wall Street Journal headline "Those Dirty Rotten Ethanol Scoundrels".........are bootlegging ethanol into gasoline as if it's an evil plot. The irony is EPA's dirty rotten scoundrels have aligned with petroleum to nefariously claim ethanol's low carbon, 94 octane 30% blend damages engine systems and is illegal to use in standard autos.

    Please click on read more for a one page handout including Doug Sombke's my voice column ... EPA's " Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" SF Argus Leader........... add billions to rural wealth

    Doug asks??

    Skeptical about benzene related octane's health risks? Google these references

    Google these key words:

    benzene pahs double toll on babies brains

    argus leader consider gasoline's health risks

    "Killing Them Softly" Clean Fuels Development Coalition

    Gary Whitten: Air Quality and Ethanol in Gasoline

    ucla pollution impacts on women infants and children t assessment e30 is illegal

    Open Letter NESD VVA CHAPTER 1054 And All Veteran Organizations

    This is how we can lead to go beyond lip service and memorial day speeches to support our active duty troops giving meaning to "never again will one generation of veterans abandon another"

    We can sanely acknowledge oil is a strategic commodity and the struggle to gain control of oil supplies played the major role causing recent wars: These wars necessarily include US TROOPS KIA/MIA/Maimed because no nation today can be powerful economically without free access to oil:

    Plus oil interests protecting market share have successfully brain washed our entire culture into thinking the most, viable, safest competitors and highest value 94 octane premium blends E30-50 are illegal for and damage standard auto engines.

    Yet when E85 pumps were first introduced 20 years ago, thousands of intellectually curious, patriotic, standard auto owners began blending cheaper up to half E85 or typically E30-50. And Glacial Lakes Energy's professional, exhaustive research has proven they had it exactly right with consensus reporting: "I think it is the right thing to do, save money, get more power and can't tell any mileage difference."

    CORN ETHANOL IS THE VERY LOW CARBON NEARLY PERFECT ALTERNATIVE TO OIL THAT CAN TAKE OIL OFF THE TABLE AS A STRATEGIC COMMODITY THAT OFTEN CAUSES WARS TO DECIDE WHO GETS IT. Especially considering agriculture production worldwide is at 'menacing' surplus levels and distillers grains proteins play the key role to end protein energy malnutrition (PEM) mistakenly better known as starvation.

    Tragically, oil interests have brain washed our culture to perceive ethanol fuels as evil. These perceptions influence us too because we have created the extremely lame excuse for doing nothing to support ethanol as a viable alternative to oil: 'Ethanol is too political". We have been shamefully MIA while others have supported active duty troops by making ethanol a viable alternative to oil. Our duty today is to start saving 2-4 dollars/tankful by using blends E30-50 in our standard autos, demand availability, and encourage all auto owners to join us.

    And this moment today Veterans and all Americans need a call to arms because Epa's new TREASONOUS REGS RULE, WHEN FINALIZED AFTER THIS NOVEMBER, WILL MAKE ALL ETHANOL BLENDS OVER E15 ILLEGAL FOR USE IN STANDARD NON FLEX FUEL VEHICLES!! THUS HANDING a big victory to OIL INTERESTS or A 90% GASOLINE MANDATE that assures ethanol will not become a viable alternative to oil thus our US troops will be at unnecessary risk forever protecting the free flow of oil.

    Remarkably US ethanol production is already 10% of US gasoline market at 1mb/day and crushing Epa's and stupidly national/state corn grower assns., poet and Ace's illegal UNAMERICAN"ethanol blends E30-50 are illegal for standard autos campaign" US ethanol production can easily triple to 3 mb+/day: ND Bakken is slowly growing 1.2mb/day and Texas 3.5mb/day

    Click read more below or at sdethanolhistory.com opening page for important references and WATERTOWN'S EFFECTIVE, HISTORICAL ROLES COURAGEOUSLY SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS: plus Watertown's VVA chapter " 1054 specific opportunity furthering Watertown's courageous past roles supporting our troops "That no soldier is left behind"

    All Auto Owners can Choose Premium E30

    Cheaper ......................Google: E85 prices for also local E30 prices prices .

    More Power

    Better MPG

    No Benzene .................updated 1/3/16


    "When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses......the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic." Dresden James


    #1.According to parts manuals engines are the same in both flex and non flex autos and the check engine light is rarely triggered until E40. It is not tampering (increasing harmful emissions)or illegal to fuel so called non flex fuel autos with premium E30 because auto owners have a 'reasonable basis for knowing engines, emissions, fuel systems are not degraded.

    Evidence? See for yourself click on:
    also google Brian West Super Premium E30

    #2 Warning: gasoline's predominant, illegal benzene producing aromatic octane degrades engines, emissions, fuel and emissions systems. The 1990 clean air act amendments direct EPA to remove refiners preferred benzene producing aromatic octane from gasoline (often referred to as toluene and xylene) to the maximum extent achievable.

    This very difficult to fully combust octane also permeates and damages plastic fuel components plus creates dirty engine carbon deposits and associated pre-ignition that degrade emissions. The 1990 clean air act amendments or the law directs EPA to remove this poisonous benzene producing aromatic octane from gasoline to the maximum extent achievable. All auto owners fueling with Premium E30 bring their autos into compliance with this law.

    30% ethanol's 93 octane premium blend E30 dilutes and can even replace gasoline's difficult to fully combust poisonous illegal octane. It significantly reduces carbon deposits creating cleaner, more efficient engines available for longer use. Premium E30's more oxygen also produces an air cooling turbo charging effect resulting in lower cost, more complete combustion's fewer and power.

    Daschle's high octane low carbon fuel alliance

    reference: www.sdfu.org & saferair.net

    HOLC 94 octane premium E30 is all auto owners best fuel choice

    1. Premium E30 oxygen content's more complete combustion prevents costly engine carbon deposits especially on GDI turbo charged engine intake valves

    2 For over ten years non flex auto owners traveled tens of millions miles annually utilizing premium E30

    3.Most importantly, holc premium E30 slashes carbon based benzene and related PAH emissions or today's neurotoxic equivalent to lead


    The Daschle HOLC fuel alliance demonstrates that finally autos, government, National Corn Growers Assn, Renewable Fuels Assn, natural gas, biomass, public opinion, agribusinesses, and farmers can agree on one thing: High octane low carbon fuels like ethanol's 94 octane premium E30 are the future:


    Consensus has it that high octane low carbon fuels or higher midlevel blends are the ideal also dramatically slashing gasoline's most toxic emissions and engine carbon deposits. Evidenced by The Daschle HOLC alliance announced recently. This alliance includes Clean Fuels Development Coalition, RFA and the National Corn Growers Assn including their wide array of sponsors like John Deere etc.

    Most importantly environmental groups are joining the alliance: HOlC fuels wide support is beginning to better recognize that premium 94 octane E30 is the most cost effective, best performing HOLC octane enhancer for all autos.. Octane that will also slash gasoline's benzene and related emissions that are gasoline's new lead equivalent preying especially on our smallest children.

    If we join Daschle to complete the big dream created when he, Dave Hallberg, Pete Rouse wrote and legislated the oxygen requirement, RFS etc or legislation that moved the ethanol industry to 15 billion gallons. Today we can again join Daschle to Dream Big expectantly that:

    There is absolutely no reason ethanol cannot be splashed blended at the pipeline rack with e10 to create 94 octane, low carbon E30 that can be delivered to any standard gas station pump. Thus giving all auto owners the opportunity to exercise their right to protect the environment and their children from high carbon benzene and related carbon tailpipe emissions. Ethanol does not produce these emissions giving cause to remove higher blends warning labels and place them on "ethanol free" gasoline pumps.

    Remarkably, we will completely destroy the ethanol blend wall enabling free enterprise principles to increase ethanol market share far beyond RFS volumes. Thus adding billions of new wealth and associated jobs across America's rural economies vs the Saudi economy

    Remember E85 was delivered to standard pumps for 10-15 years without incidence or pump damage according to the National renewable energy lab research. And premium E30 can be safely used in every car in America as proven historically by pioneering Americans.Thousands of non-flex fuel auto owners daily fuel with higher ethanol blends since E85 pumps were installed: They splashed blended half E85(E40) typically and their typical report was/is more power and can't tell the difference in mpg;

    Click Read More for report on Daschle's new alliance to make high octane low carbon fuels available to all Americans: and Ethanol: Dream Big letter to editor .


    glacial lakes energy news letter

    also google Pollution's (gasoline emission's) double toll on babies brains

    Further Evidence? See for yourself click on:


    Veterans Duty to Warn



    Greed to control oil supplies also caused the Iraq War's hidden devastating collateral damage to US trigger pullers' children


    Iraq and Vietnam trigger pullers' children have a prohibitively high rate of suicide yet remain collateral damage the US does not want to statistically recognize.

    The Australians statistically report and try to prevent them and other very high rate tragic life outcomes for all Vietnam veterans' spouses and siblings offering free counseling to age 36. The US will not even report the Australian Vietnam veterans' children suicide findings to our veterans.

    Pictured is Jack Jr my close friend Jack's son who committed suicide ten or so years ago. Jack is a Vietnam combat veteran that still shows evidence of the thousand yard stare common place for those who survived in remote area active kill or be killed realities. A historically recognized thousand yard stare I became very familiar with at Danang or a hub for air (including very low level napalm,etc deliveries) and ground killing operations.

    Dr Rachel McNair"s congressionally funded research of those Vietnam veterans diagnosed to have PTSD (a debilitating anxiety disorder) found that being shot at, wounded, or watching a friend die etc are secondary trauma compared to killing or thought to have killed a human being: Yes, even though made theoretically easier by calling them gooks. VA psychiatrist Dr Andrew Pomerentz finds "Only the already insane are not mentally challenged by killing another human being".

    My then 17 year old son and J J were friends and companions. Several hours after J J had passed I talked to Jack at the hospital: Though obviously shaken he immediately asked "How is Pat?" also code for asking "is it us?" My very first Google search I was shocked to find that an exhaustive Australian Vietnam veteran morbidity study shockingly also found overall their predominantly male children were three times more likely to commit suicide and twice as likely die in an accident: Remarkably understated !!

    Those numbers are far too conservative for trigger pullers like Jack surviving in remote area kill or be killed realities: The overall suicide rate does not consider up to 80% of Vietnam veterans were not trigger pullers doing especially the close up killing: Thus their behaviors would not affect their children's suicide rate any more than a typical Walmart employee would affect his children's suicide rate. Jack's humble response to all of this: "I wish somebody had told me".

    Our soldiers' children will continue to be collateral damage as long as war is deemed necessary to assure US access to imported oil. Our SD VFW recognized this reality and soon after 911 sponsored a major bill board campaign in SD reminding all Americans "Foreign Oil Funds Terrorism". We followed with our SD VFW 4th of July drive for energy independence.

    We were joined by SD Farmers Union members who traditionally have great respect for veterans and participated in or lost family members to war. They also strongly believe our potential ethanol production free from fake stupid barriers can end our cycle of oil wars like Iraq: To demonstrate feasibility we created a well-publicized and reported on convoy of 1988 to new 2005 standard autos fueling half E85 (E40)for a successful 100 mile trip.

    We also wanted to put a first stick in the eye of fake, stupid barriers government, political, EPA, oil and disappointingly ethanol plus corn leaders created. They claimed we along with others were rogue bandits illegally fueling with cheaper half E85 and would damage standard auto engines. Remarkably standard auto owners since have driven many, many millions of miles on cheaper E30/half E85 proving there is no codified law against it plus they report more power, cleaner engines and the same mileage: Yet these leaders still insist on repeating the same ethanol demonizing and nefariously stupid lies daily assuring conflicts to control oil supplies will continue

    Several revealing spontaneous comments added clarity as VFW members formally discussed the mission in an area adjacent to our club's bar including a comment "most Americans automatically think fueling with half E85 is too risky." A voice then cynically noted "compared to what?" followed by a quiet cynical chorus of chuckles muttering "ya, compared to what?"

    July 4, 2005 Related Story VFW drive for energy independence "State VFW Proves Half E85 is Practical Alternative to Oil"

Click read more for 'Veterans Duty to Warn" Informed veterans critical role to curb ptsd tragedies

11. Governor Janklow:Friend of SD Ethanol

My Regular Meetings With Governor Janklow

Early 1984 as a complete political novice I began to write my first three or four letters to the editor ever and they challenged Janklowís press statements discrediting ethanol as fuel. Then just out of the blue the Governor personally called to invite me to the Governor's office for a discussion. Completely surprised I accepted what turned out to be the first of more than several invitations usually before every summer study committee meeting on ethanol incentives. Basically started a two year working relationship.

. The first meeting was very cordial and my take away from the meeting was his comment: " You and your crowd make your case to me and I am with you". He kept his word

As the summer study on SD ethanol incentive committee meetings began I would usually ride along (four hour trip) with my neighbor and key leader,Representative Kent Frerichs. Kent had invited my friend Dave Hallberg ,founding president of the Renewable Fuels Association, to Pierre previously. I was heavily involved in writing the purposed legislation so was usually invited to the Governor's office before each committee meeting with Jim Myers, transportation department head, always present.

I have copy of a September 7, 1987 AP story that summarized the final summer study committee meeting: "SD began a a sharp turn in rural policy for a bill to subsidize ethanol through a sales tax on motor fuels(pipeline tax)"......... The plan's main author is Orrie Swayze who says "This is really a tax for agriculture" he told the committee.

Early in the process, after several meetings with the Governor and Jim Myers the transportation secretary doing most of the talking I remarked "You sit here and ridicule ethanol in this conversation. I want you to go and tell the committee what you are telling me today so at least we can have an honest debate". "Yes Jim will do that today".

He never did. The Governor's office usually put out a press release after the committee meeting and I usually wrote an editorial that was often quite widely published. I did not refer to our conversations before the meeting but I did use some exact quotes from those conversations of each ridiculing the ethanol industry.

I expected to be and was invited back to the Governor's office the very next meeting because they knew why those quotes were in the editorial: Before the summer study meetings they usually wanted to discuss Hallberg's counter, which I freely shared, to the ridiculing ethanol propaganda they were dishing out to the media.

For me humorously, at the very next committee meeting I was invited in and we were having the same type of discussion and Janklow looked at me with a quick "You are not going to put that in the paper are you?". I told him I was not and reminded him why I did put the quotes in the paper. He nodded in agreement with an uncomfortable something like "ya,ya I know".

Though an early critic Janklow is probably one of the best unrecognized friends the SD ethanol industry ever had because he kept his word. As he told Representative Kent Frerichs when he entered a joint session for his last major speech before departing from his first term after the legislation was in place: " Your are going to like what I have to say about ethanol".

In my view he, admittedly quite persuasively, provoked a needed debate and made ethanol supporters prove ethanol's case to him. He was not going to be part of leading SD into a big ethanol scam. Later, when ever our paths crossed he always had a big smile, hand shake and some small talk. Especially when we were both standing in line at Mitchell opening to buy ethanol plant shares.

High Octane Low Carbon Premium E30

Merle Anderson 65 year old founder of Ace now 94 is a primary sponsor for Ethanol's big vision. Merle's big vision still is that it is good business to tax oil to create ethanol as an alternative to oil: Importantly to make high octane low carbon E30 available to all consumers

Dream Big

A historical reminder to dream big: A September, 1985 AP news story described a 'rural democrats and R-Bob Weber' (all SD farmers union members) pushed hardest for a "sharp turn' in SD legislative business policy direction. A summer study legislative committee recommended that a one cent tax/gallon on SD pipeline imported fuels would be a 'good business plan'. The plan directed revenues to subsidize building a huge SD ethanol industry creating thousands of jobs and expand livestock production.

The plan did build a huge SD ethanol industry creating thousands of jobs and expand livestock production. Expectantly, it would also create hundreds millions of additional value for our agricultural /related business resources and lower fuel costs several to fifty cents a gallon: Orrie Swayze was referred to as the main author of the plan.

Fantasy? Hardly, because that SD good business plan or tax incentive brought Broins to the Scotland plant or Poet's birth place plus SD's billion gallon ethanol industry. Remarkably SD's ethanol plant building boom spread across the Midwest and continues to lower your fuel costs up to fifty cents/gallon and add millions to business activity across SD and other states. Tragically SD's big vision leadership role for our corn ethanol industry has faded into a 'one and done' small vision:

Let's revive SD's leadership for big vision, good business policies by putting state owned non-flex fuel vehicles on E30 and utilize remaining pipeline tax revenues assuring all SD auto owners access to lower cost ethanol's high octane, low carbon premium blend E30. We will double corn ethanol demand enabling free enterprise principles to add thousands of jobs, hundreds of millions of new wealth and business activity across rural economies again.

Fantasy? Hardly, historically other states followed the SD ethanol plant building boom and E85 blender pump installations. Most importantly auto makers followed the SD created nation's first, legendary E85 flex fuel auto (1988 Corsica with E85 painted on the doors) by producing their own versions. Little doubt SD leadership can lead auto makers/ auto owners to embrace ethanolís premium blend E30 for so called non-flex fuel vehicles.

to read copy of 1985 news release click: read more

All Auto Owners can Choose Premium E30

Also link site owners: SD Farmers Union : www.sdfu.org & www.saferair.net

We can shatter EPA's biggest illegal lies: #1.Its illegal to fuel non-flex fuel vehicles with lower cost, more power ethanol's premium blend E30. #2 E30 will damage non-flex fuel auto engines: Even though for manufacturing efficiencies both flex and non-flex fuel vehicles have basically the same engines, fuel, and emissions systems: And the clean air act's memorandum 1a, now amended to include persons, or the law protects consumers from EPA's zealous, unreasonable enforcement of clean air act's tampering provisions. Plus thousands of standard auto owners daily fueling with premium E30 obviously have the clean air act's memorandum 1a defined "reasonable basis for knowing": Knowing they are not tampering or illegally degrading emissions, engines, or emission systems and Magnuson-Moss warranty act protects them from unreasonable warranty denials.

Importantly, they nearly eliminate benzene and associated known human carcinogenic emissions because ethanol doesn't produce these emissions and replaces gasoline's octane that does. Fueling with E30 means auto engines/systems are not saturated with these poisons when parked in attached garages. Poisons, nearly identical to cigarette smoke, that would then move into homes attacking especially your youngest, most vulnerable children. Also, rather than funding foreign international oil corporations, fueling with E30 supports our local economy: Potentially tripling our local taxpaying Midwest ethanol industry and associated billions of economic activity: How can all that be illegal?

Because these standard auto owner's often report more power, better mileage and importantly the check engine light is rarely triggered until blends over E40, if at all: Proves non-flex fuel vehicles'computers easily adjust systems to take advantage of: Department of Energy's defined "Super Premium" E30's volatility neutral, lower cost, non-benzene producing 93 octane, air cooling turbo charging's more power and complete combustion assuring cleaner engines that prolong engine life.

references for all of above statements:

glacial lakes energy news letter

also click 'read more' for American Medical Association's report Pollution's (gasoline emission's) double toll on babies brains

Further Evidence? See for yourself click on: BMW approves E25 for new non-flex

E30 Prevents Carbon buildup Plaguing Intake Valves on Ecoboost/Ecotech type engines

. ..................... A sdfu.org public service advertisement.................

E30 can prevent up to a $5000 engine maintenance problem but we must first recognize that contrary to petroleum's fraudulent propaganda often echoed by EPA policies:


"All auto engines are better optimized or designed to operate on 94 high octane premium E30's charge air cooling's more power vs 87 low octane regular unleaded/ E10/15."


In the real world unburned carbon deposits have been damaging auto engines & turbos since Rockefeller's leaded gasoline replaced Henry Ford's E30 as the primary fuel for the model T. Fast forward to today: Since introduction of more efficient gas direct injection into cylinder engines(Eco boost etc) a new very expensive carbon build up problem for intake valves has surfaced.(Google: Intake valve carbon deposits).

Historically gasoline has entered the intake manifold to move past intake valves to clean them. With new direct into the cylinder injection engines gasoline is never in contact with intake valves to clean them. Dirty oil, driving habits etc set the stage for ever increasing volumes of black carbon to bake onto intake valve surfaces and even pieces of this harden black carbon(clinkers) do break off to pass through the turbo.

Power loss/drivability problems are first indications of this carbon build up and a very expensive repair bill coming due, Professional technician's often recommend removing the head or heads for cleaning; This assures the cleaning process debris do not contaminate engine oil, engine cylinders, and intake manifold to further damage the engine and turbo. It's not surprising the new engine design trend is for fuel systems that are dual port and direct injection.

Most importantly!: All direct injection engine owners can today prevent engine damaging excessive carbon build up on intake valves!

Simply consistently fuel with premium E30 recognizing that E30's higher oxygen content assures more complete combustion leading to cleaner oil and nearly eliminating harmful engine and intake valve carbon deposits: (EPA agrees Google: just the basics how ethanol works)

click on read more for testimonials crushing Epa's E30 myths

also click on

  • Article: "High Blend Ethanol Burns Cleaner, Reduces Engine Wear & Increases Vehicle Lifespan"

    gasoline emissions identical cigarette smoke

    The Associated Annual $Multibillion Medical Costs make gasoline the most subsidized commodity on planet earth.

    UCLA's Dr Beate Ritz MD: "we know the similarities between traffic emissions and cigarette smoke and more evidence is emerging that even (short term) low density traffic pollution exposures in pregnancy and early childhood put children at higher risk of adverse health outcomes: these out comes are not rare and translate to large numbers for a community:" google ucla women infants and children

    Ethanol does not contain or produce known human carcinogenic tailpipe emissions like petroleum derived octanes do: Premium E30 can replace petroleum octanes.

    Refiners chose to use known human carcinogenic/mutagenic BTX(benzene,toluene,xylene) octane to replace lead. Unnecessary use of these aromatic benzene associated octane enhancers produce tailpipe emissions that contain known human carcinogenic toxic molecules identical to those found in cigarette smoke.

    These hazardous tailpipe emissions are called PAH (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) that attach to gasoline's also produced ultrafine particle tailpipe emissions. These ultrafine particles coated with carcinogenic/mutagenic PAH molecules then penetrate lung tissue to enter the blood stream traveling to all cells in the body. They then penetrate cell walls comingling with to chemically react with cell dna molecules causing abnormal cell reproduction and associated heart disease, birth defects, low birth weight babies, spontaneous abortions, etc..

    Children suffering these adverse outcomes are the unnecessary collateral damage of the oil industry's intimidation of Epa to allow benzene related octane to remain in gasoline even though the clean air act requires its removal to the maximum extent achievable..This btx octane can be replaced with 30% ethanol that unlike gasoline does not contain or produce known human carcinogenic/mutagenic emissions.

    Catalytic converter is far from perfect: At idle or lower RPMs, heavy load, and acceleration the catalytic converter is basically useless. Much like pouring the gasoline used during these periods on the street and burning it because most toxic components are the least combustible.

    Why do we allow Epa to mandate children must suffer gasoline's benzene related octane emissions identical to secondhand smoke? . Remember E30 use in standard autos allows removal of benzene related octane:

    For more supporting detail click on pdf immediately below : also google- ucla women infants and children

    Download a more detailed PDF copy of this story . >>

    Find out why: "Premium E30 is Your Child and Standard Autos Best Friend" click on read more

    SDFU Reports Regional E30 Prices

    South Dakota Farmers Union Wants both flex and non-flex auto owners to save 2-3 dollars/tank fill vs E10/unleaded.

    "Ethanol's high 94 octane premium blend E30 typically saves both flex and non-flex auto owners 2-3 dollars per tank fill plus delivers more power and the same + or - mileage. Historically and today thousands of non-flex auto owners legally choose E30 to consistently report "more power and can't tell a mileage difference" conclusions validated by recent Glacial Lakes Energy's exhaustive on the road and dyno research."

    11/5/16 ...1,77 @ vollan oil @ Baltic 7miles N Sioux Falls SD

    11/5/16.... 1.99 @ Sioux valley coop Watertown, SD locations

    Click on https://e85prices.com/ for more locations comparing unleaded & E30 prices plus RFA is developing an app

    Killing Ethanol Boogeymen (montrorus lies)


    "When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses......the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic." Dresden James


    South Dakota Farmers Union President Doug Sombke wants all auto owners to know they can choose blender pumps' 94 octane premium E30 gaining more power, the same mileage, and more oxygen's better combustion for cleaner engines and lower maintenance costs:

    Plus typically saving 2-4 dollars per tank:

    Fantasy? Google premium E30.com for references and E85 prices.com for reported E30 prices

    and click on:Glacial Lakes Energy's "E30 Challenge" destroys ethanol boogeymen glacial lakes energy news letter

    click read more: MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD: free digital copy of above in 1 column by 3" news paper ad: for little more than the cost of 2-3 big macs you can have the ad published in your local paper

    Protein Production Corn's Best Use

    Bill Gates:" Its the protein stupid". Corn's Highest and Best Use is Protein Production: US annual distillers protein production is nearly equivalent to our entire soybean crop protein production


    Bill Gates " People rarely starve today,,,,,Today the issue isn't quantity of food as much as it is quality----whether kids are getting enough protein and other nutrients to fully develop". Ethanol uses food for fuel self righteous claims have it dead wrong: "Its the protein stupid" Bill Gates


    Distillers high protein food grade co-products (ddg) used as food supplements along with soy can globally defeat protein malnutrition or the root cause of what is mistakenly called 'starvation'. Bill Gates recognizes starvation rarely exists today and the real problem is 'stunting' both physically and mentally (IQ) that is caused by malnutrition. Globally, more definitively referred to as Protein Energy Malnutrition -PEM.

    Quoting Bill Gates: "Today the issue isn't quantity of food as much as it is quality----whether kids are getting enough protein and other nutrients to fully develop". One in four children globally is malnourished or stunted both physically and mentally(IQ). Gates suggests the best way to address this challenge is 'fortifying' food staples already in the diet with dietary essentials including proteins. Three fourths of malnourished 'stunted' children are in Africa. for reference Google: bill gates why hunger still exists in africa

    Importantly our $60 billion food processing or 'functional' food industry, South Dakota State University and other research agree with the Bill Gates assessment. And they also agree that food grade ddgs are an almost uniquely fungible, nearly optimal, protein rich, highly digestible food supplemental ingredient: A supplemental food ingredient along with soy that makes nearly all native food staples, processed or functional foods far more nutritious and healthier. Functional foods are foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. (click on read more for references)

    Obviously nearly all the ethanol production food for fuel hysterics are far too simplistic, uninformed and have it dead wrong. Unfortunately- for especially children in poorer nations-these uninformed hysterics crush corn ethanol co-product's massive potential to globally 'fortify' existing food staples with protein rich food grade ddgs banishing any semblance of starvation.

    Lets get past oil industry propaganda and delete paid for EPA policies like its 2017 proposed REGS rule change locking ethanol out of higher blends octane markets: a big oil victory guaranteeing 90% of our gasoline will remain petroleum based. Obviously!! We must recognize that bushels of corn used to produce ethanol and protein rich ddg food supplements can be far more effective combating especially poverty's hunger and malnutrition than other uses of those same bushels .

    Most importantly we all must recognize both corn distillers grains' and soybean meal's individual roles must jointly assure that poverty stricken population can have protein nutritionally sufficient diets: That is our most humanitarian and effective tool for ending poverty or the root cause of hunger, malnutrition, energy and IQ deficiencies. With the tools protein sufficient diets offer, poverty stricken populations are more likely to rise out of the depths of despair by being more energetic and mentally capable(higher IQ) to learn and take advantage of or create their own educational opportunities:

    Corn Ethanl's Big Win,Win

    US Corn ethanol ddg proteins along with our soymeal proteins have a miraculous capability that neither can do alone: Together they can banish childhood protein energy malnutrition often referred to as "starvation" and protect children's health from gasoline octane's known human carcinogenic emissions identical those found in cigarette smoke: Identical poisons that often like in cigarette smoke cause birth defects, brain damage, lower IQ and other mental problems. Ethanol does not produce and its added oxygen aggressively combust these emissions/poisons identical to those found in cigarette smoke


    "Corn Ethanol increases critically needed protein and safe octane resources a Win, Win,Win" supporting our children, our troops and growing the SD economy

    1.Corn ethanol production provides a massive resource to produce fungible, food grade distillers' grain supplements that will significantly increase production and availability of protein rich, lower cost, healthier, more nutritious foods and sequester carbon. SDSU research corroborates click read more

    2 Unlike ethanol's octane petroleum's new lead replacement octane:. "Aromatics or benzene, toluene, xylene, in gasoline are the new lead," says the Environmental and Energy Study Institute's Carol Werner. Like lead octane's emissions, benzene and benzene based aromatic octane tailpipe emissions poison our children, environment, increase heart disease, cause cancers, birth defects,, lower IQ, causing brain damage etc costing our economy $billions annually. Contrary to oil's propaganda- Our SD regional, ongoing, national blender pump demonstration assures E30 can be safely used in all autos. And E30-50 can and is being used in non flex autos to replace up to half our gasoline including petroleum octane's poisonous emissions preying on especially our youngest children by 50-80%.

    13. E30 sidelined for no growth E15

    Can you see what is happening or are you just stupid" SD agronomist

    "E15 is the answer to the question nobody asked," said Mr. Woebkenberg of Mercedes-Benz. "It is a detriment." But an E30 blend in an engine designed to use that fuel (today's standard autos) would be attractive to car buyers(standard auto owners), he said, with "ridiculous power and good fuel economy," Such a corn and ethanol organization's advertising campaign would bust the blend wall.

    Surprisingly ethanol's intimidated leaders now have the courage to say E15 will not void standard auto owner warranties even though like with E30 auto manufacturers say it may. It would change the world if they would find the courage to say the same about E30.

    Unwittingly they sought Epa approval for E15 which acknowledges the blend wall is valid and E30 is illegal. Most tragically the e15 first strategy has become a vision for far to many ethanol supporters. Giving up on our big vision costs us dearly: Little wonder big oil has a better favorability rating than big ethanol. google:For Flexible Fuel, the Future is Now and check with your dealer for parts references

    Distiller's protein production is corn's best use: Protein deficiency is the primary cause of what is called starvation

    E30: Children and Standard Autos Best Friend

    Replacing gasoline's benzene related octane and its known human carcinogenic tailpipe emissions with 30 percent ethanol's octane will reduce traffic's most hazardous emission's up to 80%. Emission's that prey especially on our smallest children. Please refer to the above story authored by Bill Holmberg published in the magazine- Physicians for Social Responsibility.

    A Flexible Fuel Vehicle is Simply a Standard Auto with a Yellow Gas Cap

    The above statement causes traditional thinking to 'freak out' as described in the bestselling book "Freakonomics": Parts manuals do not lie: Standard and flex auto engines are identical plus a standard auto's computer,fuel delivery and other systems have proven to be compatible with and easily adjust to midlevel blends: Check with your dealer also google for flex fuel the future is now

    Skeptical? We need to look no further than our grand blender pump demonstration occurring daily across this nation: Despite oil intimidated EPA's threats hundreds of standard auto owners typically look at price rather than their owners' manuals to select lower priced E30. They recognize premium E30's lower volatility, higher octane, and air cooling turbo charging effect produce better fuel efficiency, more power, and improved drivability for standard auto owners.

    For years standard auto owners have weekly traveled millions of trouble free miles using E30. And no blender pump station operator has experienced a single complaint plus there has never been a legitimate warranty issue. The Magnusson-Moss warranty act will protect consumers from fraudulent Auto Manufacturers' warranty practices.

    . So why the hair on fire hysteria about fueling a standard auto engine with E30 when it is identical to the engine that powers a FFV? Why isn't it celebrated nationally that every auto in America is a flex fuel auto for blends up to at least E30? You know the answer.

    Oil's financial resources intimidate auto manufacturers, EPA, universities, charities, corn, ethanol organizations, the American people etc: In 2015/16 campaigns alone the Koch brothers Pacs plan on spending nearly a billion dollars dwarfing any party's or other interest groups fund raising efforts.

    Oil's shrewd use of its financial resources to influence throughout our culture has Epa, universities, news media, environmental organizations,auto manufacturers etc often marching together to repeat oil interest's propaganda as fact: "Gasoline's benzene related emissions do not cause cancers, birth defects, asthma etc. E30 is illegal to use in standard autos. E30 will ruin standard auto engines and will automatically void warranties. Standard gasoline pumps cannot safely pump E30......

    We all should know why the ethanol blend wall exists to poison our children daily..


    Check with your dealer and google 'for flex fuel the future is now'

    Doubling distillers protein production supports our livestock industry and helps to relieve world protein shortages that result in protein deficiency malnutrition or the primary cause of what is often mistakenly called starvation.

    free pdf ad copy click read more

    15. EPA's Blend Wall Destroys Grain Prices

    Growth Energy, Corn Growers Irresponsibly Agree With EPA Fabrications

    Opinion by Orrie Swayze: EPA's deceitfully created E10 blend wall destroys free enterprise's role deciding corn prices because it locks at least a potential new five billion bushel demand for corn out of the market. Free enterprise cannot play a legitimate role in corn and auto fuels markets when EPA's dishonest policies limit ethanol's auto fuels market participation to ten percent. Countering free enterprise principles EPA picks gasoline as the auto fuels market winner by deceitfully claiming ethanol's premium high octane E30 is illegal to use in and will damage standard auto engines.

    Remember that unlike gasoline ethanol does not contain or emit tail pipe known human carcinogens. According to the American Cancer society, ethanol's primary combustion product acetaldehyde is a known human carcinogen only when it is produced by the body as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. (click read more) Therefore it is not tampering or illegal, as EPA and big oil allege, to fuel standard autos with E30 because it decreases known human carcinogenic tailpipe/evaporative emissions 30%.

    Importantly auto companies urgently request Epa to raise minimum gasoline octane levels. Autos endorse ethanolís high octane E30 but scoff at low octane E15. E15 cannot provide premium E30's air cooling turbocharging effect and higher 93 'safe' octane that is required for optimized, efficient high compression engines. Engines autos need to be competitive in international markets plus meet 2017 cafť standards.

    SD's experience is all segments of our economy (including jobs) participate in producing nearly a billion bushels of corn plus a billion gallons of ethanol annually. We all have hit EPA's fraudulent blend wall evidenced by a dollar plus lower tumbling corn prices and necessarily all grain/ethanol prices. The economic impact of government's war on E30 use in standard autos creating the e10 blend wall will obviously extort several billion dollars thus millions of sales tax revenues annually from SD's economy alone.

    Incredibly SD government, corn grower's association and Growth Energy irresponsibly agree with EPA's big oil sponsored, dishonest, fabrications that built the blend wall: E30 is illegal to use in and will damage standard auto engines:

    16. Merle Anderson:Epa 90% Gasoline Mandate

    Referencing Cindy Zimmerman's Domestic fuel.com:The man who is known as the "Father of Ethanol" in the United States is still busy advocating for the industry at the well-seasoned age of 93. Merle "I just can't quit" Anderson is the founding president of the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE), just recently wrote an editorial for the Grand Forks Herald and his observations are just as sharp as ever. Merle's honest,direct manner means he often says what most others are afraid to say. Here are some excerpts his letter entitled 'Government myths limit ethanol's full use':

    First, we must remember that Henry Ford favored E30 for his Model T. After that, what could go wrong, did go wrong as government teamed with oil, and - in a joint effort to keep ethanol out of gasoline markets - created misleading myths that E30 was illegal and would ruin engines...That's when government's gasoline mandate really began. Merle debunks several of those myths, including that higher ethanol blends void car warranties as he says 'anybody can check the parts counter and find the parts are identical in both flex and standard models' and that gas station pumps are unable to handle higher blends such as E30. "I really chuckle at that one, because standard gas station pumps were the only pumps available when E85 was introduced nearly 20 years ago, and they still are safely pumping E85." Merle concludes - My dream is every American and all of agriculture - including our sugar beet industry - would have access to an ethanol market that is not limited by EPA and big oil's nonsense or the ethanol blend wall that has been in place since the first Model T was built.

    Corn's best use is distiller's protein production: Protein deficiency is the primary cause of what is called 'starvation"

    Rounds illegally double taxed Blender Pumps

    Mike Rounds has a history of supporting oil interests and their money supported efforts to team with all levels of government to crush free and open markets for auto fuels particularly E30: South Dakota's precedent setting installation of the nation's first blender pumps along with Epa and local governments exposing big oils myths about E30 will open auto fuels markets to standard auto owners. Free enterprise could then go to work to transition our entire gasoline pool to auto makers defined and requested high octane premium E30.

    Governor Rounds had the opportunity to support auto makers, the SD economy, good business, our children's health and this big ethanol marketing vision in its infancy when SD first introduced blender pumps to the nation. He instead chose to illegally tax them to death through an executive memo doubling the tax on E30 sold through blender pumps. He essentially by passed the legislature to authorize himself to pick oil interests as winners and SD business interests as losers in auto fuel markets. Most importantly his illegal tax was a very poor business decision for the SD economy and it countered the principles of free enterprise.

    Who in the oil industry would want to see American consumers have meaningful alternative fuel choices afforded by blender pumps or a free enterprise opportunity to break petroleum's 90% gasoline monopoly?

    In the past several years E10 has typically been priced ten cents per gallon less to fifty cents/gallon less than unleaded. Blender pumps E30 up to seventy cents less. At today's prices SD gasoline consumers likely will save up to $200 million annually. And SD standard auto owners taking advantage of auto industry described high octane premium E30's lower volatility, higher octane, and more power could save up to $280 million annually plus enjoy better fuel efficiency and better drivability. Good business for our SD economy.

    It took a twisted interpretation of state gas tax law to get it to say what the Governor's supporting oil interests wanted it to say. The legislature defeated his effort to rewrite state gas tax law to say he could double tax fuel sold through blender pumps.. Yet a determined Governor Rounds belligerently defied the legislature and kept the illegal double tax on blender pump fuels in place through all of 2008 and early 2009. Although he opposed Obama's stimulus package, Governor Rounds did sign Farmers Union inspired legislation directing him to accept stimulus funding directed to installing blender pumps

    Late in 2008 the non-partisan legislative research council executive committee sent a letter to Governor Rounds expressing 'deep' concerns he had raised the gas tax on ethanol blended fuels without legally going through the legislative branch. In 2009 the legislature lowered the tax on E85 from 10 to 8 cents and reaffirmed current state gas tax law that it would be collected only at the terminal as for all fuels. Thus eliminating the Governor's bureaucratic auditing nightmare or special form mailed to marketers directing them to send in more revenue based on blender pump sales

    Humorously, a paper's political cartoon showed our Governor barely hanging on from a gas station's pricing sign with only his nose, an arm and a leg showing. This picture was the cartoonist's perception of the price of the new Rounds illegal added tax on blender pump fuel sales..

    If the Governor's blender pump tax was implemented by other states we would not have blender pumps across the nation today demonstrating daily that the sky will not fall in if standard auto owners use lower cost premium E30 in standard vehicles

    . At blender pump locations historically nearly all standard auto owners look at the price rather than their owners manual when making fuel selections: they have the courage to defy our oil culture to choose an alternative fuel to 90% 'gasoline only' because they are aware the same engine is in both standard and factory designated flex fuel autos...This is a very dangerous precedent from petroleum's point of view and like Governor Rounds did, oil's big money influenced governments still strive to break it.

    Check E30 chapters on this site and click read more for three media stories documenting the above statements

    19. Historical Review of lead octane

    Intro: Ron's article below reveals the secret history of lead octane and gives us an insight into why benzene related aromatic octane's known human carcinogenic emission's unnecessarily poisons our children daily.

    Required Reading (You're Already Taking the Test) By Ron Lamberty | May 15, 2013

    Much of the discussion about fuels that will be used by the automobiles of the future to reach the federal targets for higher mileage and lower greenhouse gas emissions has centered on higher octane fuel and higher compression engines. That's great news for ethanol, since those happen to both be areas where ethanol holds a distinct advantage over gasoline. Ironically, it's also an area where automakers and the oil industry have a great deal of information and history, apparently.

    An article by Jamie Lincoln Kitman in The Nation magazine tells about General Motors' experience with higher blends of ethanol, and mentions the work of a GM engineer named Thomas Midgley, who applied for a patent on an alcohol-gasoline blend as an anti-knock fuel. According to article, Midgley drove a car with a high compression engine to a Society of Automotive Engineers meeting in Indianapolis, using a gasoline-ethanol blended fuel containing 30 percent alcohol. Midgeley told the group that "Because of the possible high compression, the available horsepower is much greater with alcohol than with gasoline."

    Why haven't we heard this before?

    The Nation article also talks about two brands of gas sold in England, Cleveland Discoll and Kool Motor-(which contained) 30 percent and 16 percent alcohol, respectively." Those fuels were the products of two U.S. oil companies, and the article points out that the companies advertised the E30 and E16 as "the most perfect motor fuel the world has ever known, providing extra power, extra economy, and extra efficiency." Meanwhile, back in the United States, the same big oil companies were savaging alcohol fuels in the halls of Congress, saying it would destroy engines.

    Now that sounds more familiar.

    Here's the really interesting part-the article I'm referencing actually ran 13 years ago in the March 20, 2000, issue of The Nation, and was entitled "The Secret History of Lead." The incidents above all took place in the 1920s. And while it is fascinating to learn that the world's largest automaker determined E30 was a fantastic fuel in the 1920s, and that the forerunners to ExxonMobil and Citgo sold E30 and E15 in England almost a hundred years ago, what may be more instructive and relevant to our current situation is the rest of the article, which documents the dishonesty and callousness that GM, Standard Oil of New Jersey (now ExxonMobil) and DuPont displayed as they fought to keep alcohol out of the U.S. fuel supply.

    They fought to keep it out, to keep tetraethyl lead in. Lead isn't something that exists in oil before they take it out to make unleaded gas. It was added to reduce knock. And these three companies owned "ethyl" and stood to make a fortune by adding it to gasoline.

    The refiners knew about the health hazards of leaded gasoline and so did the U.S. public health officialsóbut oil companies just said the claims weren't true, and bought-and-paid-for regulators and elected officials believed those claims. Ethanol was safer and more effective than lead, but oil companies fought court battles, encouraged laws to keep any other additives out of the market, and when all of that failed, they simply mounted a smear campaign against other fuel alternatives and additives, complete with phony studies paid for and controlled by the original lead partners.

    It took more than 60 years to get lead out of the fuel supply, even as thousands of people literally died every year as a result of contact with lead. Maybe we should be more encouraged by ethanol's progress? "The Secret History of Lead" should be required reading for all ethanol supporters. It is a sobering view of the lengths some industries have gone to, to protect enormous profits in the past. And those who forget the past (or don't even know about it) are condemned to repeat it. Author: Ron Lamberty Senior Vice President, American Coalition for Ethanol 605-334-3381 rlamberty@ethanol.org

    20.EPA Fools Ethanol Advocates

    I just want to remind EPA and Big Oil that I am still around. Since organizing the American Coalition for Ethanol nearly 30 years ago I have also just celebrated my 93rd birthday.

    I am damn mad because we let EPA fool us into letting EPA's fraudulent ten percent ethanol blend wall stand. It has collapsed grain markets by dishonestly ending ethanol's growing demand for corn and they call that free enterprise. I call it stealing many, many billions of dollars from agricultural economies.

    That blend wall exists since EPA fooled ethanol advocates into thinking the blend wall is legitimate because fueling standard cars with E30 is illegal. Ever try drinking gasoline? My friend Orrie Swayze's research says that unlike gasoline ethanol does not produce benzene or other known human carcinogenic tail pipe emissions.

    I also find it laughable that EPA claims E30 damages standard auto engines. Show me a legitimate warranty denial. I have never owned a flexible fuel vehicle and fueled my last seven vehicles with E30 or higher blend to travel over 600,000 miles. When I traded the engines were still like new.

    EPA knows thousands of pioneering standard auto owners prove every day E30 is the lowest cost best blend for standard vehicles. EPA tries to deny we have successfully driven millions of miles every year on high octane premium E30 since blender pumps were installed five years ago: Our typical report still is "more power and can't tell any difference in mileage compared to E10".

    I challenge ag and ethanol leaders to dare to bust the blend wall today by exposing EPA's lies that built it: Do as SD farmers union does with radio ads and billboards: openly endorse premium E30 as the standard vehicle owners best legal, safest, lowest cost fuel choice.

    21.Gasoline Needlessly Poisons Our Children

    Disclaimer: This is an opinion page web site: scroll to orrie Swayze story for more detail

    Korean War veteran Marine Col Bill Holmberg's attached article "ethanol a Win for Health and the Economy" was published in a - Physicians for Social responsibility- monthly magazine. The article points to the needless collateral damage to especially children caused by gasoline's known human carcinogenic benzene related aromatic octane enhancers that replaced lead.

    The Clean Air Act directed the removal of lead and at the same time the reduction of benzene related aromatic octane and its known human carcinogen/mutagenic tailpipe emissions to the maximum extent achievable. 30 percent ethanol's octane can replace gasoline's aromatic octane. Ethanol does not contain or produce known human carcinogenic/mutagenic emissions.

    Ethanol production makes corn a major protein supplier equivalent to half our soybean protein production. Soybeans and corn ethanol team together to end protein deficiency malnutrition or the primary cause of what is often mistakenly called 'starvation' in impoverished nations..

    23. Epa Works for Big Oil

    Owen Jones-Rancher from Britton, SD home of the nation's first E85 blender pump


    EPA picks gasoline as winner in auto fuels market denying these realities

    #1. "Free enterprise's role in pricing corn is restrained because corn's entry into auto fuels markets is effectively embargoed at the 10% ethanol blend wall created by big oil sponsored EPA myths: 1. it is illegal to fuel standard autos with E30 2. E30 will damage standard auto engines. Corn prices are at least a dollar/bu lower costing the SD economy alone nearly a billion dollars annually: All segments of our SD economy team together to produce nearly a billion bushels of corn annually. Other impacts on ethanol pricing, jobs etc at least another billion dollars annually".

    #2. "Infrastructure is already in place for higher blends": Google BYO UL fire code rules

    #3."phosphorus from city waste water opposed to nitrogen is primary cause of Gulf Dead Zone" google- nrdc phosphorus gulf dead zone

    #4. "the parts are the same in both flex and standard auto engines": google-Watertown retiree studies biofuels _______________________________________________

    EPA works for Big Oil

    (opinion)South Dakota has a tradition of successfully challenging big oil's partner EPA. My brother was a legislator in 1985 when Governor Janklow and the legislature began an AP reported 'sharp' turn in SD rural policy's(click read more for AP story) They courageously challenged big oil and EPA's rhetoric claiming ten percent ethanol will ruin engines and SD would be sued if it implemented a proposed petroleum pipeline tax to support building a SD ethanol industry. That legislation built our ethanol industry and is the cornerstone our number one rated business climate stands on.

    The SD Corn Growers Assn challenged EPA's "Its illegal and will ruin engines" rhetoric to successfully introduce the nation's first flexible fuel vehicle. The nationally recognized, popular auto was basically an unmodified 1988 Corsica with E85 painted on the doors.

    My local cooperative at Britton successfully challenged EPA's rhetoric "E85 blender pumps are illegal". We stood alone when installing the nation's first E85 blender pump as EPA intimidated political and commodity leaders causing them to endorse EPA rhetoric that blenders were illegal. Rhetoric did not overrule law and soon blenders were across the nation opening new markets for ethanol by dispensing lower cost, popular, high octane, premium blend E30 to standard auto owners. This caused big oil's EPA to double down on old fraudulent myths: 1. it is illegal to put E30 in standard autos 2. E30 will damage standard auto engines.

    A recent gubernatorial debate question went something like: Will you put state owned standard autos on E30 to challenge EPA myths that built the ethanol blend wall and will cost the SD economy hundreds of millions annually? Susan Wismer answered she would expose EPA's myths by putting state owned standard vehicles on E30. Governor Daugaard's non-answer was "No" meaning he abandons SD's tradition of crushing Epa myths that exploit our SD economy.

    24. Ethanol's competitors are Tax Traitors

    Ethanol's Competitors are Tax Traitors

    A practice called 'inversion' is used by international oil corporations and others to avoid paying taxes in the US. They renounce US citizenship to seek out the lowest bidder tax state to call 'my country'. The President calls them unpatriotic. I call them tax traitors.

    Ethanol's Poor Business:

    These foreign oil entities are the competitors to our tax paying Midwest corn processing industry. Corn processing is the cornerstone of our job creating Midwest economy and South Dakota's number one rated business climate. It is embarrassingly poor business that the Midwest allows these tax traitors to successfully sponsor two fraudulent ethanol public perceptions throughout our universities and entire culture. These two myths severely curtail projected growth of Midwest corn processing along with US ethanol production: Myths that successfully hijack hundreds of millions from our Midwest economy. We let it happen. Embarrassing?

    Myth #1 - ethanol is bad and it is illegal to fuel standard autos with ethanol's premium blend or E30.

    Myth #2- E30 will ruin standard auto engines. Embarrassingly our government's EPA believes these big oil created myths and parrots them daily to destroy free enterprise's role in auto fuel markets.

    Yet thousands of pioneering standard auto owners weekly select blender pumps popular, lower cost high octane premium E30 to travel millions of trouble free miles. Also, referencing parts manuals, retired Lake Area Tech Auto Department head Al Kasperson found - and you can find - the engines are identical in flex and standard autos. There are minor computer program modifications etc. to accommodate higher fuel flow needed for E85 and, like with E15, are unneeded for E30. These realities should embarrass EPA, other ethanol critics and you? Reference: parts manuals and Google - "Watertown retiree studies biofuels"

    More extremely poor business: These myths fraudulently hijack at least $200 million annually from SD standard auto owners alone assuming SD uses 400 mg of gasoline annually. Auto makers preferred octane source or Ethanolís 93 octane premium E30 is at least fifty cents less/gallon than unleaded and twenty cents less than E10. Standard auto owners using E30 typically report "more power and can't tell the difference in mpg".

    A Koch Brothers nightmare is their myths challenged by Midwest Governor and Senate candidates boasting about supporting local state businesses by traveling the campaign trail in standard autos powered by premium E30. SD democratic candidates Rick Weiland (senate) and Susan Wismer (governor) already are. Is EPA going to make their day by arresting them? Click read more for electronic copy of this ad

    Corn sequesters carbon while produces protein

    Corn's Highest and best use is Protein Production while Sequestering Carbon:

    : google -Lester Brown Chinese skyrocketing protein demand reshaping agriculture-

    Sky rocketing protein demand drives land use changes, higher grain and land prices. Corn distillers are the number one protein source for our nations livestock industries and keeps protein prices from spiraling out of control thus driving ration costs higher. Corn distillers proteins are equivalent to protein produced by half of our soybean crop thus freeing half our soybean crop for export. Soy proteins and be used to produce foods for direct human consumption or the most efficient way to deliver protein to poorer populations. Protein deficiency malnutrition is the primary cause of what is often mistakenly called 'starvation'.

    Also Department of energy research shows corn ethanol produces 34% fewer carbon emissions than gasoline. New Department of Energy research now shows it has been underestimating corn's ability to sequester carbon by as much as 50%: Google: Satellites show high productivity of US corn belt Busting food for fuel and corn's carbon sequestration myths that mislead: Miraculous corn's yield is four times that of soybeans meaning that corn produces 3000 pounds of high protein meal and oil per acre when processed through an ethanol plant plus 500 gallons of ethanol. It also produces as much biomass below the ground as it does above the ground enabling increased carbon sequestration in the form of increasing organic matter. Thus reversing a long history of mining soil carbon.

    An acre of soybeans produces 2700 pounds of high protein meal and oil. (Using 2014 projected yields) Soybeans alone cannot supply the market as dietary protein shortages worsen especially in third world nations. Extracting corn's proteins provides a huge new source for supplemental protein to use in solving protein deficiency malnutrition or the primary cause of what is often mistakenly called starvation.

    Easily transportable, cost effective distillers proteins like soy proteins can be used for direct human consumption and are the most effective means to bring relief to malnourished, protein deficient populations suffering 'starvation'. Direct consumption distillers protein products are in the infant stage of development but distillers proteins also free more soy proteins for direct human consumption.

    Corn's best use is distiller's protein production: Protein deficiency is the primary cause of what is often mistakenly called 'starvation'

    26. Oil does not intimidate VFW

    When ethanol proponents were blending half E85 and gasoline in their standard autos as expected our oil intimated culture shunned such behavior as against the law thus un-American. We wondered if we could get the VFW involved? I had read some national VFW resolutions saying they liked made in the USA energy supplies to break our dependence on foreign oil.

    About that time a very successful, unconventional, advertising consultant called with this billboard idea. He had called corn and ethanol groups and they logically thought this is not our call. But someone dropped my name.

    The advertising consultant and I knew we needed the VFW to support this project if it was going to go anywhere. I had a membership card and did not know any of the leadership or members but I had experience communicating with 'get to the point' war zone veterans. I met with Rick Barge at headquarters and explained what the bill board campaign was about. He was very skeptical at first until I asked him: "Do you guys just write pretty resolutions about energy security at the national convention and then come home to just play bingo?" That was the right question to ask Rick

    With seed money from Jeff Broin we grew that into for bill boards all over Sioux Falls and other areas of the state for a short while because a major sign company took a liking to the idea. They said if we would supply the prints for the billboards they would put them up for free on signs that were sitting idle or unsold. And importantly Touch Tone Energy or our major regional electricity supplier signed on and put this lighted , representative billboard along I90. 911 still was fresh on the minds of Americans and no one felt comfortable talking about it. I am sure the signs broke some ice enabling more comfortable conversations about reality. Click read on to see first bill board and press story.

    The real beginning of blender pumps? That was the start and soon Rick Barge and the VFW lead a drive for energy independence on the hottest, windiest Jul 4th ever in an effort to put a stick in the eye of the 'you can't do that' taboo against half E85 in standard autos. Approximately 15 families participated with press coverage about. They filled their standard autos with half E85 (E40) and drove the 100 mile route to Brookings and back. The standard Autos averaged nearly twenty three miles per gallon. I still have all the gas receipts as proof. Click read more.

    EPA Agents Raid Watertown Blender Pumps


    In 2007 Epa proved memorandum 1a made it legal for standard auto owners to fuel with E30.


    Early after blenders were installed, an Epa government agent enforcement crew announced in an almost threatening manner they were going to Watertown's Cenex location adjacent to the interstate. This station is the symbolic nation's first, always busy, multiple blender pump location.

    These government agents wore boldly visible IRS or Epa badges as they strode out to tell non-flex auto owners they were illegally saving $2-4/tank fueling their auto with 94 octane premium E30.

    Their bullying tactics did not work. No woman or man was intimidated, kept on fueling and some very aggressively intimidated the government agents. This cross section of Americans were definitely made of the 'right stuff'.

    The manager's(Gary French) description of this 2007 bizarre day to me(Orrie Swayze) was spoken in his usual unshaken manner and always with a slight grin: "First they were very indignant with a threatening: -We will be back next week-, by noon it was -in two weeks-and by evening it was -maybe we will not come back-". They never came back because they knew it is not tampering or illegal to fuel a non-flex auto with E30.

    Epa's enforcement team did not take action against anyone as a result of that trip to Watertown. In fact they have never fined anyone for selling E30 to a non-flex auto owner or a standard auto owner for fueling with E30. Epa knows such fines would definitely be a violation of the clean air act's Memorandum 1a

    Read more SD Farmers Unions public service announcement and 1x3" ad informing all auto owners the can save $ 2-3/tank fueling with E30


    Corn's best use is distiller's protein production: Protein deficiency malnutrition is the primary cause of what is often mistakenly called 'starvation'

    2.Surrendering to Petroleum's Propaganda

    "When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses......the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic." Dresden James

    opinion: Petroleum keeps winning because far too many Americans have shamefully surrendered to petroleum's propaganda. For instance petroleum claims E30 is illegal to use in and will ruin standard auto engines. Obviously the surrender is unconditional because ethanol's own mainstream organizations along with environmental groups do not even dare to boldly declare in print: "It is legal for standard auto owners to protect their own children from up to 80% of gasoline's known human carcinogenic benzene emissions-----simply by fueling with ethanol's E30".

    The World Health Organization and others advise "There is no safe level for benzene air concentrations". Benzene is also the most toxic component in cigarette smoke, a known human neurotoxin, carcinogen, mutagen and more toxic than lead. According to American Medical Assn's research benzene and related emissions destroy brain matter that lowers IQ, creates behavioral complications along with other birth defects like spontaneous abortions, asthma, cancers, heart disease etc.: Conditions that do not necessarily surface immediately after birth.

    All auto engines and catalytic converters manufacture benzene from xylene and toluene aromatic octane enhancers that EPA has illegally allowed refiners to replace lead octane with. This effectively makes every auto an unregulated (illegal?) benzene manufacturing and distribution system because this benzene often escapes out the tailpipe. Substantial quantities of benzene in your auto engine and catalytic converter end up parked in your attached garage to poison your entire home.

    Also, UCLA's research "Pollution Impacts on Infants and Children" reports "The most vulnerable life stages to benzene are from conception to birth. Even with diluted short term benzene exposures found in lower traffic density areas, these outcomes (birth defects etc.) are not rare and translate to relatively large numbers for a given community" explains UCLA's Dr.Beate Ritz MD.

    Illegal? The George H.W. Bush administration courageously proposed cleanup of benzene's "air toxics" by focusing on replacing benzene related octane boosters (aromatics) with ethanol. A clear result was passage of the 1990 Daschle /Dole Clean Air Act amendment requiring removal of gasoline's aromatic octane content to the maximum extent achievable.

    Since lead octane was introduced petroleum's propaganda and government regulators have locked ethanol out of meaningful octane market participation. Ethanol's two carbon molecule does not contain or produce benzene or other known human carcinogens: Thus ethanol's auto and DOE defined and endorsed 'super premium' E30's octane will nearly eliminate auto benzene emissions when blended with aromatic clear gasoline.

    Skeptics will chuckle but rural America has an amazing opportunity to create hundreds of billions of taxable profits here in America. We can stop our shameful, traitorous transfer of America's agricultural wealth to foreign international oil companies: A transfer that has very little or nothing to do with free enterprise

    . Solution? Rural America's leaders can vigorously support national precedent setting communities like Watertown, SD. Watertown's Lake Area Tech partnered with SD Corn Growers to create the nation's first propaganda proclaimed "engine will blow up besides Its illegal" E85 flex fuel auto. This 1988 Corsica was on to its 200,000 mile trouble free journey basically by simply fueling it with seasonally adjusted E85. These seasonal ethanol volume adjustments for E85 also were then adopted nationally as FFV production began.

    Watertown's Sioux Valley Coop courageously challenged "its illegal/the engine will blow up" propaganda to set a national precedent by installing the nation's first ten still operating E85 blender pumps. Today thousands of standard auto owners across the nation protect their children from poisonous benzene emissions. They simply use blender pumps to daily and repeatedly fuel with lower cost; auto and DOE defined and endorsed 'super premium' E30.

    Imagine if Watertown or any community does not shamefully surrender to petroleum's propaganda and sets a national precedent: It decides to kick the regular unleaded,E10/15 benzene producing habit completely to exclusively select lower cost, more power, better value , 'super premium' E30.

    Click Read More for Sioux Falls Argus Leader Editorial:

    Willfully Sacrificing Troops for Imported Oil

    "Warning: Shale makes us crude oil independent is an oil-created fantasy" enabling us to selfishly deny that we willfully sacrifice our troops to fight endless Middle East conflicts to support our imported oil addiction. We want to deny that the Saudi cartel priced cheap Middle East oil, is trending us to again, dangerously import half of our crude oil and cripples our rural economies' crucial ethanol industry or imported oil alternative.

    Supporting our troops: July 4, 2005, the South Dakota Farmers Union and the S.D. VFW sponsored a drive for oil independence. We drove 10 non-flex autos running on half E85 (E40) from Watertown to Brookings and back, to shatter governmentís big lies supporting the Saudi /oil monopoly: "Premium 93 octane blends (E30-40) are illegal fuels for non-flex fuel autos and damage engines."

    The S.D. VFW had an ongoing statewide, "Foreign oil Funds Terrorism," billboard campaign. The SDFU and the S.D. VFW wanted to demonstrate S.D. could lead dramatically cutting terrorist funding, plus dramatically stimulate rural economies by using premium E30-40 to nearly halve our gasoline use. As VFW members discussed our big vision, comments surfaced, "Some (sissies) think it's too risky." Combat veterans scoffed: "Compared to what?"

    Remarkably, for over 10 years, thousands of SDFU members, veterans and their neighbors, daily disprove government's ethanol demonizing lies: They support our troops/America proving flex and non-flex engines are the same; protect especially their children from gasoline octane's brain damaging benzene emissions; reduce engine carbon deposits extending engine life:... all by fueling with ethanol's premium blends E30-40 in their non-flex autos. None has suffered EPA fines or a warranty denial, instead it's typically reported that there is "more power, can't tell the difference or I get better mpg compared to E10." Visit www.premiume30.com.

    All auto owners can daily support our troops, cut terrorist funding, plus stimulate our rural economy by choosing premium E30-40.

    Reference: Google: The Myth of US Crude Oil Self Sufficiency

    Google: Why the US cannot be a swing producer of oil

    Our Oil Addiction vs Free Enterprise

    Cheap Middle East oil has emasculated shale oil production assuring oil wars (like Iraq) to control the huge Middle East oil reserves continue and also create terrorist groups like ISIS.

    47% of oil refined in the US is imported, Saudi Aramco owns the largest US oil refinery, and again we are importing a growing net 30% of our oil.

    Yet, EPA's un-American, anti-free enterprise ethanol policies echo oil's lies locking unsubsidized 93 octane premium E30 out of gasoline markets claiming E30 is: #1. Illegal to use in and #2. Damages non-flex fuel auto engines. These same un-American, anti-free enterprise government ethanol demonizing lies/policies also poisoned our children with lead for over fifty years.

    Let's join thousands of Glacial Lakes Energy's, SD Farmers Union's/other non-flex fuel auto owners taking the E30 challenge. For over ten years they patriotically abandoned regular E10/15 by making lower cost, more power, high octane, non-benzene producing premium E30 theirs and expectantly America's preferred fuel: E30 from all sources including natural gas will also nearly eliminate benzene and related tailpipe emissions or today's neurotoxic equivalent to lead that poisons your garage, home and children.

    Aggressively shattering EPA's un-American ethanol demonizing lies/policies assures free enterprise a role determining E30 market volumes. It potentially doubles carbon sequestering corn ethanol use also creating $billions of rural economic activity and associated jobs.

    Notably: SDSU/other research prove DDGs can be an excellent global protein food supplement and like Bill Gates asserts: "People do not starve but are 'stunted' by protein deficient diets".

    Patriotically, non-flex fuel auto owners support our troops leading to create massive market growth for premium E30 as an oil alternative boosting our rural economies vs the Saudi economy. They will begin to strangle the global oil addiction willfully sacrificing US troops for oil wars and also creating terrorist acts killing US and citizens around the world. References .

    Click on:: E30 legal to use in & does not Damage non flex engines: glacial lakes energy news letter

    Click on 'read more': American Medical Assn's: Air pollution's(gasoline benzene tailpipe emission's)Double Toll on Babies Brains.

    Also: BMW approves E25 for new non-flex autos:

    Further Evidence? See for yourself click on:

    Google:The Myth of US Crude Oil Self Sufficiency

    Google: Why the US cannot be a swing producer of oil Google: Saudi Aramco owns US largest oil refinery

    Ethanol is Good Business for our Nation

    Merle Anderson 70 year old founder of Ace now 94 is a primary sponsor for Ethanol's big vision for ethanol because it is good business.

    Dream Big

    Historical reminder to dream big: A September, 1985 AP news story described a 'rural democrats led sharp turn' in SD legislative business policy direction. A summer study legislative committee recommended that a one cent tax/gallon on SD pipeline imported fuels would be a 'good business investment': Revenues were directed to subsidize building a huge SD ethanol industry creating thousands of jobs and expand livestock production. Expectantly, that would also create hundreds millions of additional value for our agricultural /related business resources and lower fuel costs several to fifty cents a gallon:

    Fantasy? Hardly, because that SD good business plan brought Broins to the Scotland plant or Poet's birth place plus SD's billion gallon ethanol industry. Remarkably SD's ethanol plant building boom spread across the Midwest and continues to lower your fuel costs up to fifty cents/gallon and add millions to business activity across SD and other states. Tragically SD's big vision leadership role for our corn ethanol industry has faded into a 'one and done' small vision:

    Letís revive SD's leadership for big vision, good business policies by putting state owned non-flex fuel vehicles on E30 and utilize remaining pipeline tax revenues assuring all SD auto owners access to lower cost ethanol's premium blend E30. We will double corn ethanol demand enabling free enterprise principles to add thousands of jobs, hundreds of millions of new wealth and business activity across rural economies again.

    Fantasy? Hardly, historically other states followed the SD ethanol plant building boom and E85 blender pump installations. Most importantly auto makers followed the SD created nation's first, legendary E85 flex fuel auto (1988 Corsica with E85 painted on the doors) by producing their own versions. Little doubt SD leadership can lead auto makers/ auto owners to embrace ethanolís premium blend E30 for so called non-flex fuel vehicles.

    to read copy of 1985 news release click: read more


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